Pop-up Portable Alarm Clock

Pop-up Portable Alarm Clock
Model: 810-038
Manufactured by: Bedol
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Pop goes the clock as Bedol's latest Pop-Up Portable Alarm Clock springs into action at a moment's notice. Featuring a large backlit LCD display and built in snooze, the latest portable alarm clock by Bedol is the perfect travel accessory or bedside accent. With a simple squeeze at the sides, the spring-loaded alarm clock pops up its display revealing how much time you have left to grab a quick breakfast or how many minutes left you have before your flight back home. Encased in a rugged die cast metal housing, the easy to set time and alarm functions serve as your lifelines to reality while the snooze function allows you to succumb yourself to final ticks of your latest vacation. A Bedol exclusive, the pop-up alarm clock truly captures what's next in the fusion between function and design. (3 Button Cell batteries included)

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