Lamy 2000 Taxus Ballpen

Lamy 2000 Taxus Ballpen
Model: 4.01452E+12
Manufactured by: Lamy
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Maniacally plain yet timeless in its design. Spawned in 1966, the Lamy 2000 was proclaimed the pen of the future and its longstanding duration is a testament to its foresight in simplistic design. Now the classic 2000 reintroduces itself in the Taxus ball pen basking in a warm, golden yellow yew wood. The unique yew wood surface contrasts well with the matte silver button and front section of palladium-coated brass and the clip of palladium-coated steel. The Lamy 2000 Taxus stays true to its pedigree as a quietly elegant pen incorporating faultless function with soothing design.

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