The Bedol Water Clock Wink Alarm Blue

The Bedol Water Clock Wink Alarm Blue
Model: 889-898
Manufactured by: Bedol
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Introducing Wink!

Wink resembles a drop of water as it splats to the ground.   It also is shaped like a very cool, modern desk clock!   Since it is a Bedol Water Clock it is powered by plain H2O.    Just fill Wink with ordinary tap water and your set for perfect timekeeping for 6 months or more before you need to refresh.   Clock keeps time as you're changing the water so you don't need to reset the time.

Features a daily or hourly alarm and an easy to set 12 hour or 24 hour clock.

Wink is available in six special colors including blue, modern white, olive green, bright orange, Shadow gray and fun raspberry. Measures 10” wide  x 6” deep x 2.5" high


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